Christian Ministry 3

Students will explore how the biblical mandate to love is worked out in a variety of practical areas in the Christian life: loving people around the world, loving the poor, loving people inside and outside the church, expressing love through financial generosity and prioritizing love in our decision making. 

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed Intro to the Bible and Christian Growth.

Content Accordions

Class Materials


Week 1 - A Lifestyle of Self-Giving Love

Week 2 - Principles of Spiritual Guidance

Week 3 - Spiritual Gifts

Week 4 - Encouragement & Admonition

Week 5 - Evangelism

Week 6 - Answering Objections

Week 7 - Principles of Christian Giving

Week 8 - Refusing Materialism

Week 9 - Missions and the Poor

Comprehensive Exam Study Guide