The church is commissioned to win lost people to Christ and to help them grow. Home churches need to grow in both size and depth to be healthy. Nothing is more selfish than a group that ignores those who need Christ and turn inward. Each member of a home church should grow in Christ and eventually realize they have something to contribute to the life of the group and not simply receive. Therefore we advocate spiritual growth and ministry within all home churches.

Evangelism in the Local Church (from the Understanding Ministry study guide) discusses factors involved in facilitating and encouraging evangelism.

The Evangelistic Prayer Ministry of the Church (from the Understanding Ministry study guide) covers how groups can enhance their outreach by putting first things first.

Christian sanctification and ministry are inextricably entwined. Listen to this lecture on Romans 12 to enrich your group's appreciation of the relationship between serving love (ministry) and the other major means of growth.

Founding Pastor Dennis McCallum provides some excellent insights into home church ministry in his paper, 11 Reasons Why Most Home Group Ministries Fail.