What People Are Saying

Testimonial Slideshow


  • "People we met at our first home church were so welcoming and loving AND we heard the truth of the Bible taught clearly."

    - Ken Barker
  • "In high school, Dwell was a place where my questions about religion and the Bible were taken seriously for the first time."

    - Emily Geiser
  • "I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of relationships at Dwell; CT, home church, cell group, and 1-on-1 fellowship. Through these I’ve learned to open up and know God."

    - Dave Kilboy
  • "I love being in a church that focuses on equipping everyone - no matter your background or training."

    - Dr. Morgan Evans
  • "Whether you are looking for classes, counseling, support groups, etc; the church really wants to help the community."

    - Abigail Kelly