Student Ministries

Access - The Xenos Access Ministry exists to create and improve accessibility to the gospel for people with disabilities by providing specific support to adults, students and children with disabilities; and their families in several distinctive ways.
Oasis - Oasis Children’s Ministry exists to serve children 0 years old and up through 3rd grade.   During the time we have with them, they will do crafts, games, music and a lesson specifically designed to communicate God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but they’ll have a great time too!
TNT - This program for 4th & 5th graders creates a bridge between the Oasis (the children's program) and the Junior High ministry. A TNT class is available at each Central Teaching location. Our goal is to provide kids with an accurate picture of what God is like, and model that following Him is really fun. We do this through providing Biblical teachings, answering fundamental questions, and making sure each week has fun activities and crafts!
Junior High - In Xenos junior high groups, students experience personal relating, deep friendships and quality Bible teachings. These fun meetings happen on Sunday nights in small groups and every other Friday in a larger meeting called Blowout. 
High School - High school students really enjoy pursuing their spiritual growth in the context of small groups, which we call home churches. We also have a larger meeting, called Central Teaching, on Tuesdays. Students hear relevant Bible teachings and enjoy personal friendships on both Sunday and Tuesday nights. Many students begin to really take walking with God seriously in the high school group. 
College - The college ministry is an exciting and dynamic group where college students gather and learn about the Bible together in the context of community. Groups meet on either Mondays or Thursdays. We also have Central Teachings (larger services) on Mondays and Thursdays as well.