Xenos Member Show Love to Community During Crisis

Food drive
Free Clinic care package assembly

"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." --Matthew 5:16

Many people in Xenos have been answering needs in the community (from a safe distance from others), serving at food pantries, in their neighborhoods, and in newly organized food and supply drives.

Xenos members have been offering help to their neighbors, picking up food and medicine, and hosting international students stranded in the U. S. Here are some highlights, though many more people are out there, being lights for Christ at a difficult time:

  • The Xenos High School Ministry organized 9 cars of volunteers to deliver food for the Meals on Wheels program. They are planning to continue this for the next 3 weeks, covering routes usually served by older people who are now quarantining themselves.
  • Volunteers delivered 50 bags of food and other supplies on behalf of the CRC Food Pantry to people at a National Church Residences housing complex. Many people in the complex are older people who speak Chinese, so organizers also committed to trying to find a Chinese speaker in Xenos who could help the complex's staff communicate with residents.
    Keegan delivering food
    High school senior Keegan Smith delivers Meals on Wheels
  • Jake Maxwell in the Vanguard Home Church stepped up to help tutor the child of a deployed military family that group has served in the past. This child was out of school and needed help getting through the large number of assignments given by the school.
  • The Xenos Free Clinic collected items and assembled 200 care packages. They were distributed to people near the 4th Street neighborhood, Weiland Park, and Linden, as well as many families in the Renegade program. In addition to food, the packages included information about the Xenos Free Clinic, Central Teaching meeting times (noting they're on hold for now), and health department recommendations for staying safe. The items in the care packages were donated by many generous people.
  • When the call went out to Xenos members to donate food items for Harambee families, they came through. Harambee used the donations to create school closure survival boxes for the families of students who attend Harambee.
    Bags of food
    Generous donations for care packages
    School Principal Alex Steinman says "The response has been amazing and the families who have received the supplies have been super grateful." Alex says they anticipate that all families who said they were in need will be served.


  • Members of the college ministry have been volunteering with at least 2 food pantries: the Mid-Ohio Market at HEART and the Community for All People on Parsons Avenue.

Thank you to all these wonderful volunteers!