Oasis Rolling out New Check-in System

You may have seen a change in the lobby of your Central Teaching--Oasis is launching a new iPad-based check-in system at all adult Central Teachings starting October 14th. Oasis Director Jeff Risley says the new system moves away from a paper to a digital system, and will allow for better security and reporting.

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When bringing your child to Oasis, first go to the iPad stations in the lobby. You'll use those to locate your child's information, check them in, and get 3 printed labels--one for the child, one for the classroom, and one for the person who will pick up the child after class. As part of the system the adult checking the child in will see a list of classroom options, based on the child's age or grade.

The check-in system will also be used at Main Campus for the PAX (Playgrounds at Xenos).

Jeff says the system can easily accommodate guests and first-time visitors. Oasis staff members and volunteers will be on hand to help them get their child registered. They'll also be there to help get you started with the changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jeff Risley at risleyj@xenos.org.