Missionary Spotlight: The Barson Family

The Barsons have been in Cambodia for 2 years and in Kampong Cham for the past year. They are working with the Geslers to plant churches through the relationships they have developed with the staff, students and parents of the Friendship School.

Bill Barson and Chris Gesler have a weekly Bible study with the school staff. Amy Gesler leads a weekly study with the female teachers. Amy Barson attends as well, helping her to learn the language and build relationships with the national workers. They also help run a weekly student Bible study which plans to plant in the near future.

Bill and Amy have two sons, Liam and Luke. Liam attends first grade at Friendship School for half of each day so he can make friends and learn Khmer. Amy then teaches him the American curriculum for the second half of the day. Luke, who is 3, will start at a Khmer preschool next fall.  “Our family has been doing well. It has been an extremely challenging first two years, as is to be expected, but we are enjoying being a part of God's work with the school and for the most part we have all been healthy,” says Amy.
The Kampong Cham team is working on an English curriculum to teach at a local University starting this winter. The class will provide readings and allow for discussion about Western and Biblical thought. Many students desire to learn English to pursue work in the English-speaking world. This class will provide a unique opportunity to engage college students in the Gospel. The goal is to form new relationships and look for spiritual interest with the hope of starting a home church of college-age people. They need prayer for this endeavor, “It is beyond our natural ability to teach this class but we are told there is a need for it and that college-age people are very receptive to the Gospel.”

Bill recently finished language study and plays a role in the school as well as the planned college class. Amy is a nurse practitioner. She started a health and hygiene program at the school and plans to provide health exams and family medical assistance. Please continue to pray for the Barsons as they share the love of Christ and serve the people of Kampong Cham.