With FST Input, Elders Approve Surplus Spending Plan

Last year, thanks to many faithful and generous givers, Xenos received $300,000 more than what was budgeted for spending. Now, with the input of the Fiscal Support Team (FST), Xenos elders have made plans for how to use these “black ink” funds.

As in past years when this has happened, the surplus will not put into the General Fund budget. Instead the elders have allocated $217,300 of it for one-time projects such as equipment upgrades, facility enhancements, projects in our mission fields, and staff training. That spending will happen over the next year or so.

The remaining surplus is going to the church's cash reserves, allowing for future fiscal flexibility.

Last week all FST members received an on-line survey seeking input on what projects to cover with these black-ink funds. We tabulated the survey responses and have funded the highest priority areas accordingly. The elders reviewed the results given the go-ahead for the top seven categories of one-time work.

Here are the areas that will be funded, in order of the survey results:

  • Providing enhanced counseling resources, with in-depth counselor training
  • Funding international missions, with indigenous church support, short-term missions materials and health training programs
  • Enhancing ministry and fellowship areas at our venues, with more cameras for public spaces, repairs and replacements for seating, added lighting and some food options for post-CT fellowship
  • Funding domestic missions, with help for our Youth for Christ/Gracehaven partnership
  • Addressing some Student Ministry needs, with research into an urban high school, Epic camp assistance, College Connection support, and service ministry help
  • Adding capabilities for ministry and fellowship areas at 4th St. and the Warehouse, with outside seating spaces
  • Enhancing meeting projection systems at 4th Street and Building X, with wide screen 16:9 systems, along with simulcast capability from multiple venues and more digital cameras

For now the elders have opted to not fund the options that received the least survey support—adding further fellowship areas for Main Campus and enhancing study center functions.