Volunteer Opportunities

Dwell Volunteers


Please take a moment to take a picture if you are doing good and send it to us. If your child is painting a picture to send to a person in assisted living or if you are packing groceries for a pantry, please let us know about it! It’s encouraging to all of us to see these things still happening. Email: hoyta@dwellcc.org and give us a brief description of your service.

Masks for Healthcare Workers

Ongoing need


Local doctor, scientists & seamstresses developed a design for a DIY mask WITH virus filter and eye shield - vital additions to any robust mask being donated to a health care worker, safety personnel, essential worker or ANYONE shopping for food, medicine or supplies! #EveryMaskMatters everymaskmatters@gmail.com.

Other items are also needed for the project.

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Help for Seniors in our Fellowship

Ongoing need

In an effort to encourage and serve older folks during the COVID-19 crisis, we have been pairing younger volunteers with some of the older/more vulnerable people in our church as “Check-in Buddies.”  This would mean calling them up to check on them from time to time throughout the crisis, visiting with them (not in person), offering to pray with them, and making sure they have access to help they might need with errands, etc.

Are you interested in helping? Email us as pacesetters@dwellcc.org

Blood Donation

Ongoing need

The Red Cross is really struggling with workers right now. Please see all sign up links below:

CRC Clintonville

Ongoing need

Clintonville’s food pantry and community center is in need of volunteers. 


Community Development for all People - Fresh Market

Ongoing need

Please consider helping the residents of the South Side by signing up to help with their fresh market.  This is the largest fresh food market in Ohio and they have a need for volunteers every day except Sunday.

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Help our Senior Citizens

Ongoing need

Letters of Cheer to Friendship Village of Columbus

Friendship Village is a large retirement community located just down the street from Dwell Main Campus. Many of the residents there are experiencing a disruption from the norm, including increased isolation, and could use some cheering up! To date, we have delivered over 350 letters, cards, and artwork from children to Friendship Village, and the staff tells us they are eager for more. This is likely to be a pressing need for a long period of time. They love to hear from people of all ages, and you can meet this need from home. Letters will be distributed among the residents by the staff.

Tips for writing:

  • Cards, postcards, handwritten notes, and artwork from adults and children would all brighten someone’s day.
  • If you’re not sure what to write, you can always introduce yourself and tell a little about your family, or share an inspiring quote or verse. They can be simple: you can always just wish them a happy spring, or let them know we are thinking of them and praying for them.
  • Feel free to mention that you’re writing from Dwell Community Church.
  • If you include your return address, they might even write you back!

Materials can be dropped off at the Dwell Main Office or mailed to 

  • Dwell Community Church
  • Attn: Ben Foust, Letters of Cheer
  • 1340 Community Park Drive
  • Columbus, Ohio 43229

Questions: email pacesetters@dwellcc.org

Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Due to a high level of isolation, they would love to receive cheer cards from caring kids in our community that could be placed on meal trays to help brighten days for their senior residents this month. This is one way we as a community can shift our energy from fear, stress or panic toward caring, compassion and kindness. And we know the caring families in our community will make sure these seniors are well loved this month!

  • Small handwritten Notes to put with their trays of food - Kid Artwork WELCOME!
  • Small little bags of wrapped candy again for their trays.

Cheer cards may be mailed throughout the month to:

  • Wesley Glen Retirement Community
  • ATTN: Carol Wallenfelsz
  • 5155 N. High St
  • Columbus, OH 43214

Email programs@seedsofcaring.org if you have any questions.

Neighborhood Services Inc. - Food Pantry

Ongoing need

NSI - the food pantry next to the 4th street cafe. They don't have a sign but is next to King Pizza shop, 1950 N. 4th street.  Here is their signup sheet.


Meals on Wheels - Groceries to Go

Ongoing need

Life Care Alliance runs the Meals on Wheels programs for Columbus. They have opportunities to do delivery and to do work in their food pantry.

Westerville Neighborhood Bridges

Ongoing need

Westerville Neighborhood Bridges is a hub for individual or group needs for the residents of Westerville. You can pick an individual opportunity or a larger opportunity to serve with your entire homechurch. There are new service needs listed daily. Please go directly to their website to see what they have listed: https://www.neighborhoodbridges.org/community/westerville.