Proposed Item I

Student Needs

Total Cost: $11,500

These items are included in the funding for Proposed Item I. To see more details on each item, click to expand the details below.

Urban High School Research Help

We need to focus some time on getting a proposal together for the possibility of a future Urban school; target is staffing 100 hours of study to build toward a solid plan.

Provide Targeted High School Epic Camp Student Help

More and more spiritually minded students want to attend our summer Epic camp, but don't have the financial means. These funds would help greatly and would be released according to level of community service and fundraising work the student does. 

Tools for Service Projects

Our ministry houses are eager to do more community service work in their neighborhoods. This amount will enable us to purchase basic equipment (rakes, shovels, grabbers for trash pickup, bags, etc.) for ministry houses to borrow.

Add to College Connection Spending per House

One weekend each year, ministry houses host high school juniors and seniors for College Connection, which enlarges students' vision for their college experience in Columbus. We would like to increase our subsidy to ministry houses to help them buy pizza and snacks for the weekend.