Proposed Item D

Enhance Projection Systems at Key (Remaining) Event Spaces

Total Cost: $50,300

These items are included in the funding for Proposed Item D. To see more details on each item, click to expand the details below.

Convert existing systems to 16:9 projection at 4th St. venues and Building X

Projectors are 16:9 ready at all CT venues, but need to replace screens and digital drivers  / inputs and cabling at sites that have not been converted.

Allow for Simulcast Capability from any Venue to any Venue

At this time, we only have enough equipment and licensure to simulcast from one location, requiring moving and re-setting whenver another venue is used. This money will enable us to simulcast from multiple location sources by giving us the funds for equipment and licesnses. This will save us hundreds of staff hours.

Provide Portable Digital Cameras at Every Venue to Record Classes, Events as Requested (also used for Simulcast Events)

We only have portable DV cameras for one venue, maintained by Sound & Light Dept. Not only can we not record at more than 1 venue at-a-time, we also risk loss of those cameras as they are carried between venues, with little to control where they end up.