Proposed Item A

Enhance Existing Ministry & Fellowship Areas at Meeting Venues

Total Cost: $33,500

These items are included in the funding for Proposed Item A. To see more details on each item, click to expand the details below.

Provide Cameras for all Classrooms

We have added some here-and-there. Would need main DVR recording units upgraded, hi-def cameras.

Add Cameras to New MC Play Area Project

Providing views into the Main Campus upstairs and downstairs play areas gives parents peace of mind! They can view by different screens, and our target is to allow web-based views from smart devices - allowing parents to see what's happening with their kids from any location.

Address Needed 4th Street + Warehouse Lobby Repairs and Basic Upgrades

4th St. Coffee Bar booths and upholstered chairs are showing their wear and tear after more than a decade of use. Some need repaired and some replaced.  Let's also replace the Warehouse café metal chairs with more comfortable seeating.

Provide Adequate Lamps for Warehouse + 4th, Plus Additional Tables

Get good durable, quality (hotel type), lamps, plus extra to have ready to replenish from when they wear-out or break. Tables are key to discipleship time and a few more are needed.

Enhance Older Audio at Multiple Venues

We have requests to replace several speakers that work but have issues with some distortion: monitor at 4th St. Pavilion; main speaker in ceiling at Pavilion; monitor at MC

Outdoor Seating for Events, CT Hospitality, Baptisms

We need more stacking plastic chairs for outdoor events at 4th St. and Warehouse, that can easily be moved outside for groups. Plus some 'easy-up' canopies can provide as-needed shade or coverage under light rain.

Provide Some Food Options for Families Pre and Post-CT

Provide DIY centers (such as waffle makers) in some seating areas similar to continental breakfast set-ups at hotels. Need some counter work and electric installed.