Class on Helping Your Teen Walk With God

This fall Dwell is offering a class to help parents with kids moving through the teen years, helping them maintain a walk with God into their adult years. Dwell's Liz Sweet is teaching it, and answers a few questions:

Who is the class aimed at--just parents with older kids or those about to move into these years?

It's helpful for anyone whose children are in these years, or who are close to moving into them. 

What's the motivation to offer this? Are there particular issues you see that you're helping parents with?

We have a lot of resources for dealing with younger children, but it's helpful to have vision and help for navigating relationships with older children, and even with adult children, which can be a whole new challenge. Some of the particular issues are how to maintain strong relationships, how to foster independence, how to keep our focus on spiritual priorities, how to deal with kids having their own fellowship schedule, how to serve those who serve our children, and even how to deal with conflict that arises while in fellowship.

What's one of the most important things parents should keep in mind with their older kids?

God is sovereign and is able to lead and work in our children's lives.

The class starts September 28th. You can sign up at this link.