Military Matters

Dear Veterans, thank you for your extraordinary service and sacrifices!  To that end we have three branches of service for Vets.

Serving Deployed Families

We are a volunteer force of over 50 men and women, including some Vets, who for over two years have been helping families on the home front while a parent is deployed.  Deployed Vets are reporting decreased levels of stress knowing that a caring community is helping even with simple things such as mowing, shoveling, and simple repairs.  We are not surprised that adorning the gospel is also leading to opportunities to share it.  Please join us! Contact Abby Moriarty King for more information at

Prayer Meeting

Nothing gets done the Lord’s way in His power without prayer. This once a month prayer meeting  provides consistent prayer support for Dwell members and community members who are serving in the armed forces. This group offers support and encouragement to parents who have children in the military.  In addition, we support the above ministries by praying for service opportunities in the veteran community.   If you wish to join the ranks, contact Kim Downs at

Call Sign

This meeting serves Vets by demonstrating what God offers each and every person, no matter their background, experiences, or even struggles.  Vets lead a brief, discussion-based Bible teaching, which is followed by time to building friendships with one another.

We are presently meeting only by Zoom but we hope to enjoy a return to an in-person arrangement soon.

Get Involved or Learn More

If you are an interested Vet or know someone who would appreciate connecting with other Vets, please contact Kim Downs: